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SASC guidelines required to be met, just as currently, for any report being used as ...
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  Course Details
Small Byte CPD: Short online courses (1 hour +)
Course Level: Intermediate
Course Type: Distance
In-depth: in-depth
CPD Long Term:
CPD Credit Hours: Hours: 1 Minutes: 0
  Event Address

  Contact Details
Provider: Communicate-ed
Course Manager: Mrs Debbie Pollard
Telephone: 0845 331 1492
Email: admin@communicate-ed.org.uk
Fax: 0871 918 2330
Website: www.communicate-ed.org.uk
  Event Details
Dates: 05/06/2017 - 05/06/2018
Times: N/A - N/A
No. of Delegates: Unlimited
Delegate Price: GBP 25.00
SASC Ref.: CeD-15555-050617OL
   Course Summary
Small Byte CPD offers APC holders a number of short courses about assessing for access arrangements and the administration and interpretation of a range of tests. Courses can be accessed online, via video presentation, at any time/place to suit the delegate.
   Course Detail

Small Byte CPD offers APC holders a number of short courses about assessing for access arrangements and the administration and interpretation of a range of tests.


Choose 1 of the following courses for £25:


Courses about Access Arrangements in Exams:

1.       Assessing Students with English as an Additional Language for Access Arrangements: 60 mins

2.       Assessing for Access Arrangements: Collating and Interpreting Evidence: 100 mins

3.       Assessing Working Memory for Access Arrangements (including WRAML 2 and TOMAL 2): 110 mins


Courses covering the administration and interpretation of individual tests:

1.    Academic Acheivement Battery 80 mins

2.    Adult Reading Test 2: 60 mins

3.       British Picture Vocabulary Scale 3: 45 mins*

4.       Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing 2: 80 mins

5.       Detailed Assessment of Speed of Handwriting: 70 mins

6.       Dyslexia Portfolio: 70 mins

7.       Diagnostic Reading Analysis 2 & Access Reading Test: 70 mins

8.       Gray Oral Reading Tests 5: 70 minutes

9.      Test of Word Reading Efficiency 2: 30 mins*

10.    Wechsler Individual Achievement Test IIukT: 60 mins

11.   Wide Range Achievement Test 4: 60 mins

12.  Wide Range Achhievement Test 5: 60 mins

13.   Wide Range Intelligence Test: 110 mins

14.   York Assessment of Reading Comprehension: 90 mins


*Delegates selecting one of the shorter courses will need to select another course to make up at least 1 hour of SASC approved CPD.


Please visit our website for more information www.communicate-ed.org.uk/smallbytecpd or email online@communicate-ed.org.uk

   CPD Themes
  • Reviewing principles of psychometrics, statistics, assessment and underlying theory
  • SpLD testing methods, interpretation, report writing, feedback and test materials
  • Assessors
  • Support
  • Assessment centers
  • Training institutions
  • It is assumed that delegates will hold or be working towards an Assessment Practising Certificate
   Learning Outcomes
  • The learning outcomes vary for each individual course chosen. Please see the Course Materials for each session.