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CPD requirements for all NEW APCs
SASC has issued guidance to encourage the development of assessment and reporting skills.
SASC has issued guidance to encourage the development of assessment and reporting skills. 

The requirement for additional SASC authorised CPD is aimed at better supporting those holding an APC for the first time. Mentoring is strongly recommended. Mentoring could be SASC authorised and meet some of the below required authorised hours. Mentoring could also be informal and be counted as fulfilling some of the rest of the CPD minimum requirements. For details see on our Downloads page.  

Holders of an APC for the first time should participate in at least
  • 5 hours of Authorised CPD each year before their first renewal.  This CPD would be authorised by SASC and listed through the SASC website


  • 5 hours CPD, which may not have an assessed element, each year.
Additionally, SASC recommends some of this be mentoring so new assessors can have an opportunity for focused work relating to developing their individual assessment and reflective practice. 
Therefore, CPD requirements for 1st time APC renewals are for 30 hours altogether:
    • A minimum of 5 hours SASC authorised CPD each year which is assessed, some of which can be mentoring plus 
    • A minimum of 5 hours informal CPD each year 
This will apply to all new Assessment Practising Certificates issued on or after 1st September 2018

For APC renewals beyond the 1st renewal the requirement remains the same:
                 A minimum of 20 hours of CPD over 3 years, 5 hours of which is SASC authorised.
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