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View news itemRemote Assessment Guidance March 2021
SASC has produced new guidance on remote diagnostic assessments and evaluations of need.
View news itemWJIV Cognitive Abilities tests approved
Woodcock Johnson IV Tests of Cognitive Abilities approved for Pre and Post-16 assessments.
View news itemEvaluations of Need Extension Date
Evaluations of Need period of Acceptance Extended to 31 March 2021
View news itemSASC issues update re face-to-face assessments
As there is a gradual easing of lockdown restrictions some face-to-face assessments will become possible. ...
View news itemSTEC is seeking new members DEADLINE EXTENDED
STEC is a standard-setting group concerned with the diagnostic assessment of specific learning difficulties in ...

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  Course Details
Educational Testing Refresher Course
Course Level: Intermediate
Course Type: Distance
CPD Long Term:
CPD Credit Hours: Hours: 20 Minutes: 0
  Event Address

  Contact Details
Provider: Stranmillis University College
Course Manager: Mrs Louise O'Sullivan
Telephone: 02890384327
Email: l.osullivan@stran.ac.uk
  Event Details
Dates: 06/01/2021 - 06/01/2022
Times: N/A - N/A
No. of Delegates: Unlimited
Delegate Price: GBP 125.00
SASC Ref.: STR 15875-060121OL
   Audience Restriction
The course is aimed at assessors who would like to take a refresher course on educational testing. A CPD certificate for 20 hours is issued on completion of the course requirements.
   Course Summary
This is an educational testing refresher course which covers ‘Intelligence, Perspectives on Assessment and Testing, Understanding the Basic Principles of Psychometric and Educational Assessment, Norm Referenced Interpretation, Classical Test Theory and Reliability, Validity and Utility in Educational Tests, Utilising Tests: Selection, Interpretation, and Feedback, The Legislative Framework’. A CPD certificate is issued to participants who undertake the course and complete the 8 online quizzes.
   Course Detail
This is an online refresher course on educational testing with presentations and online quizzes (tests) on 8 topics.
2.Educational Attainments and Ability Testing: Perspectives on Assessment and Testing
3.Understanding the Basic Principles of Psychometric and Educational Testing
4.Understanding Psychometrics Part 1 Norm Referenced Interpretation
5. Understanding Psychometrics Part 2 Classical Test Theory and Reliability
6.Understanding Psychometrics Part 3 Validity and Utility in Educational Tests
7. UtilisingTests: Selection, Interpretation and Feedback
8.The Legislative Framework and Implications for Practitioners

   CPD Themes
  • Reviewing principles of psychometrics, statistics, assessment and underlying theory
  • Assessors
  • The course is a refresher for participants who are currently assessing pupils using psychometric tests in primary or post primary schools
   Learning Outcomes
  • Participants will be able to demonstrate through completion of the course and online quizzes their knowledge on the following areas: 1.intelligence 2. perspectives on assessment and testing 3. basic principles of psychometric and educational assessment 4.norm referenced interpretation 5. classical test theory and reliability 6.validity and utility in educational tests 7. utilising tests;selection,interpretation and feedback 8.legislative framework and implications for practitioners
  • Participants will have acquired knowledge of: *key theories and contemporary issues in the area of ability and attainment testing in education; *factors that contribute to variation in test scores; *practitioner skills needed for planning,conducting, scoring, interpreting and feeding back results from a psychometric test session; *the underpinning legislative framework; * underpinning psychological and psychometric knowledge in educational testing; * the importance of a broad and balanced assessment of needs and the role of psychometric testing with the assessment process.