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  Course Details
Literacy Disorders: Dyslexia & Reading Comprehension Disorders
Course Level: Intermediate
Course Type: Distance
CPD Long Term:
CPD Credit Hours: Hours: 1 Minutes: 30
  Event Address

  Contact Details
Provider: Patoss
Course Manager: Mrs Sheila Rostill
Telephone: 01386 257808
Email: srostill@patoss-dyslexia.org
Website: www.patoss-dyslexia.org
  Event Details
Dates: 17/03/2021 - 17/03/2022
Times: N/A - N/A
No. of Delegates: Unlimited
Delegate Price: GBP 45.00
SASC Ref.: PAT-15880-171321 OL
   Audience Restriction
Members £45/non-members £53. session is 1.5 hours long
   Course Summary
This is one of a series of four webinars run by Dr Valerie Muter which can be bought as individual independent sessions or as a package. To understand dyslexia and reading comprehension difficulties in children an assessor and/or teacher of children with these disorders needs to have a good understanding of the current research on literacy disorders.
   Course Detail

This course will provide assessors and teachers of children with dyslexia and/or reading comprehension difficulties the opportunity to enhance their knowledge of literacy disorders. In particular, the course will provide up to date research knowledge which assessors and teachers need in order to fully understand and appreciate the underlying difficulties experienced by children with word level or reading comprehension disorders.

Course Description

Our understanding of reading disorders such as dyslexia and reading comprehensions difficulties requires up to date knowledge of the research which explains the nature of these disorders and how they impact learning.

As our understanding of cognitive psychology has developed, so has our understanding of the complex nature of both dyslexia and reading comprehension difficulties. This course will enable you to appreciate the need to apply the multiple deficit model rather than the single deficit model of dyslexia to explain the individual differences shown and the (not uncommon) co-occurring difficulties experienced by learners with literacy disorders. You will learn about the genetic, biological, and cognitive bases of dyslexia and reading comprehension disorders.

  • Definitions of dyslexia
  • Genetic, biological, and cognitive bases of literacy disorders
  • Multiple deficit model of dyslexia
  • Bases of reading comprehension disorders 
   CPD Themes
  • Reviewing principles of psychometrics, statistics, assessment and underlying theory
  • Assessors
  • Support
  • It is recommended that participants have access to 'Understanding and Supporting Children with Literacy Difficulties’ by Dr Valerie Muter. Delegates who attend all four sessions will also be given a 30% discount off Dr Muter’s new book
   Learning Outcomes
  • To look at definitions of (and controversies surrounding) the label ‘dyslexia’
  • To learn about the genetic, biological and cognitive bases of literacy disorders
  • To understand why single deficit models of dyslexia don’t work, and to appreciate the need for multiple deficit models which better explain individual variation & co-occurrence
  • To understand the bases of reading comprehension disorders