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  Course Details
The Use and Interpretation of the TOMAL-2 in Diagnostic Assessments and Assessing for Exam Access Arrangements
Course Level: Intermediate
Course Type: Distance
CPD Long Term:
CPD Credit Hours: Hours: 2 Minutes: 0
  Event Address

  Contact Details
Provider: Patoss
Course Manager: Mrs Sheila Rostill
Telephone: 01386 257808
Email: srostill@patoss-dyslexia.org
Website: www.patoss-dyslexia.org
  Event Details
Dates: 20/10/2022 - 20/10/2023
Times: N/A - N/A
No. of Delegates: Unlimited
Delegate Price: GBP 60.00
SASC Ref.: PAT-15969-201022-OL
   Audience Restriction
Member £60, non~member £70
   Course Summary
The TOMAL-2 is designed to test working memory and is used extensively for both diagnostic purposes and to assess for access arrangements for public exams. This session will provide a unique opportunity to hear Dr Cecil Reynolds, one of the authors of the TOMAL-2, outlining the uses and interpretation of the test composites and subtests. Dr Reynolds will be available to answer your live questions following the webinar
   Course Detail

Memory is considered to be a core assessment area for a full SpLD diagnostic assessment and for exam access arrangements, particularly extra time. The TOMAL-2 is one of the most widely used tests in the UK for measuring this key area of performance. However, many questions have arisen with regards to the use and interpretation of the subtests and composites of this test. In this webinar, the test author, Dr Cecil Reynolds, will address these questions, exploring how the test measures different aspects of working memory, and how these relate both to diagnostic assessments and to assessment for examination access arrangements.

Course Description

In this course, Dr Cecil Reynolds, author of the TOMAL-2, will explain how the test can be used to measure working memory, focussing on the areas which the ACI, as well as other composites and sub-tests, are designed to measure. Dr Reynolds will discuss how an accurate interpretation of the test results may be used to identify and support slow processing with regards to an examination access arrangement and how the test contributes to forming a diagnostic profile in identifying dyslexia.

In the course, delegates will consider in detail:

  • the composites and individual subtests of the TOMAL-2, what they are designed to measure, and their relevance to identifying SpLD and needs related to examination performance
  • the scoring system, including the calculation of accurate data and how this contributes to the overall profile, enabling an accurate interpretation of the results to help assessors arrive at a confident diagnostic conclusion
  • what is measured by the ACI, how the ACI score relates to a dyslexic learner's literacy skills, and how this contributes to a diagnostic assessment of dyslexia
  • how aspects of memory are measured by the various sub-tests of TOMAL-2 and how these relate to speed of working in a timed assessment, providing evidence of slow cognitive processing speeds in support of an application for 25% Extra Time in JCQ exams
   CPD Themes
  • Reviewing principles of psychometrics, statistics, assessment and underlying theory
  • SpLD testing methods, interpretation, report writing, feedback and test materials
  • Assessors
  • Support
  • It is recommended that the delegate has access to the TOMAL-2
  • Delegates must have a Level 7 psychometric assessment qualification (specialist teacher assessor or access arrangements assessor)
   Learning Outcomes
  • develop a greater understanding of the individual subtests and composites of the TOMAL-2, what they are designed to measure, and how they might contribute to both a diagnosis of SpLD and identification of learners’ needs in an examination situation
  • review the scoring system, the calculation of accurate data, and how to interpret results to arrive at a confident diagnostic conclusion
  • enhance their understanding of the ACI composite, what it measures, and how it relates to assessing a dyslexic learners’ working memory and literacy skills
  • refine their understanding of how to use the TOMAL-2 to provide evidence of slow processing speeds in support of an application for extra time as an access arrangement for JCQ exams