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Trainees writing reports - specific conditions
Those writing reports in training should only be as part of their professional training and be fully supervised. This should not become common practice. Revised guidance issued.

Trainees Writing reports for the DSA

Under no circumstances must students or graduates submit reports for the DSA that were written prior to achieving the SpLD Assessment Practicing Certificate (APC) or HCPC registration.

Reports must never be submitted with ‘APC pending' or ‘Registration pending', nor can reports written prior to receiving the APC number or HCPC registration merely have the number written on the report after the event. Assessors must be qualified, holding appropriate qualifications at the time they conduct assessments.

A trainee carrying out an assessment while on a training course, where the report produced could later be submitted for application for the DSA,or other purpose outside the requirements of the training course, must be observed and supervised in full by the course or workplace supervising tutor (in person or via video recording /video link).

  • Under no circumstances must assessment reports written for application for the Disabled Students' Allowance (DSA) or other application outside their training course be signed as the work of trainee assessors or graduates prior to their achievement of a SpLD assessment practising certificate (APC) or HCPC registration.
  • Reports must never be signed by a trainee assessor with ‘APC pending' or ‘registration pending,' nor can reports written before the assessor has been awarded the APC number or HCPC registration have this registration or award information added to the report after the event.
  • A trainee assessor's full diagnostic assessment report can be accepted for application for DSA,or other purpose outside the requirements of the training course, ONLY if the following conditions have been met:

    1. The whole assessment has been observed (in person or via video recording /video link) within the context of an accredited training course by a supervising tutor or registered placement supervisor who is fully qualified to conduct assessments.
    2. The qualified supervising tutor or work placement supervisor has observed the full assessment (in person or via video recording/video  link), reviewed the report and ensured that the report meets the appropriate standards set by SASC.
    3. The qualified supervising tutor or placement supervisor signs the report, giving their APC number or HCPC registration and contact details. The trainee assessor's name is required on the report but the report is submitted by the qualified supervising tutor/placement supervisor.
    4. The details are provided of the course on which the trainee is enrolled at the time the assessment was conducted.

    For the avoidance of doubt, SASC is now requiring specific wording to be used to confirm trainees' reports are used only where the trainee is actively enrolled on an authorised course leading to an Assessment Practising Certificate or HCPC certification.

    See guidance on Practising Certificates page.

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