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The revised updated test lists for pre and post-16 are now available.
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SASC Guidance on the Assessment and Identification of Autism / Autism Spectrum Conditions paper now ...
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Updates to Pre & Post 16 Report Formats and Additional Guidance Documents
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The SASC Annual Conference for 2022 will be held online from 8-10 June. Bookings are ...
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SASC issues consultation paper on identification of and effective intervention for literacy difficulties in children ...

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UPDATE: Guidance for 4th Renewals of APCs
SASC updated guidelines for renewal requirements for those renewing their APCs for the 4th time are detailed here.

Assessors who are renewing their Assessment Practising Certificates for the 4th time will have reduced requirements for their renewal.

These assessors have demonstrated their commitment to and evidenced their professional practice by three successful renewals of their Assessment Practising Certificates.  Therefore on their fourth renewal they will no longer be required to submit a diagnostic assessment report.  

Assessors will be notified by their APC awarding body when they meet these conditions.  These conditions apply to any APC renewals submitted subsequent to this update announcement (6 April 2019).

They will continue to maintain their commitment to CPD and adherence to codes of practice of their professional bodies.  Therefore they will continue to submit a CPD log meeting SASC guidelines and pay the renewal fee.  

Guidance on CPD for 4th renewals

SASC sees it as important that a) assessors continue to pursue professional development in assessment and report writing and b) their CPD logs should include sufficient reflection and impact.  CPD covered in the period should address all 5 areas 

  • Core 1 (C1) principles of psychometrics, statistics, assessment and underlying theory
  • Core 2 (C2) SpLD testing methods, interpretation and test materials
  • Supplementary 1 (S1) changes in regulations and legislation relating to SpLDs
  • Supplementary 2 (S2) developments in SpLD research
  • Supplementary 3 (S3) approaches to teaching and support for SpLD

  • The SASC authorised element of this CPD for the 4th renewal should be other than updates on Access Arrangements. 

    The Assessment Practising Certificate is a licence to practise in this important area and, within the profession and beyond, the letters APC confirm the quality of professional practice; therefore there is the expectation that those holding an APC maintain their commitment to and remain current in diagnostic assessment and reporting skills through relevant continuing professional development and practice.  Evidence of this commitment must be demonstrated in the submitted CPD.

    Guidance first issued March 2017, Updated 6 April 2019

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