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SASC CPD Authorisation Scheme

SASC CPD Authorisation Role


In recent years the demand for diagnostic assessments of specific learning difficulties has grown considerably. Many specialist assessors who are engaged in this work are required to hold an Assessment Practising Certificate which must be renewed every three years. Professionals wishing to renew their Assessment Practising Certificate must have a personal record of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to show how they are keeping their assessment knowledge, understanding and skills up to date.

Assessors are encouraged to assume responsibility for their own development by choosing from the wide range of activities that can be pursued in order to meet their CPD requirements.

To ensure the quality of training offered to SpLD assessors, SASC operates an authorisation scheme for CPD training providers. From 2012 a minimum of 5 hours of this CPD must be delivered by SASC Authorised Providers.

The benefits of approval for CPD providers

  • Becoming registered as a SASC Authorised CPD Provider is a mark of quality that recognises your organisation meets the standards set out in the SASC guidance for CPD providers.
  • Achieving this standard differentiates Authorised CPD Providers from other training providers.
  • SASC Authorised CPD Providers can publicise their CPD courses [1] and events on the SASC website, an important source of information for those practitioners seeking authorised CPD to meet their needs.
  • SASC Authorised Providers may use the phrase “SASC Authorised CPD Provider” on materials and publicity for authorised courses and events they provide.

The benefits for practitioners

  • SASC Authorisation is a mark of quality which shows that the organisation and the CPD provision you are looking at has met the quality standards set out in the SASC guidance;
  • The SASC Authorisation Scheme supports those organisations wishing to develop new CPD provision that meets the standards required by practitioners who are wishing to renew their Assessment Practising Certificate;
  • Participation in SASC Authorised CPD will enable practitioners to keep up to date and enhance their knowledge and professional skills;
  • The new SASC website is an important single source of information for practitioners who are seeking an authorised CPD experience;
  • Practitioners who are planning to renew their Assessment Practising Certificate in the future will be able to build up and demonstrate a record of participation in SASC Authorised CPD to meet the renewal requirements.

Eligibility for approval

  • Applications for SASC authorisation must show clearly the aims and intended learning outcomes of the course.
  • Training must be suitable for SpLD assessors and aimed at some of the following core areas:
    • reviewing principles of psychometrics, statistics, assessment and underlying theory, their relationship to current legislation and regulations
    • SpLD testing methods, interpretation, report writing, feedback and test materials, including new developments with the introduction of new tests, further research reported with regard to interpretation and making appropriate use of test results,, testing methods including the whole assessment process; suitable tests and what they measure; examining different profiles

    The course should be set at the correct level for intended delegates and must clearly indicate the pre-requisite level of prior knowledge and experience of candidates according to the following scheme:

    • Intermediate (for delegates with some prior knowledge of the subject)
    • Advanced (for delegates with substantial knowledge of the subject)
  • The course and all associated materials must be up-to-date, factually correct, and demonstrate high professional and ethical standards.
  • The course must be developed and delivered by suitably qualified and experienced professionals.
  • The course should meet the stated aims and intended learning outcomes.
  • The course should contain suitable methods of assessment and evaluation.
  • The provider must have appropriate procedures for the administration of the programme and for handling complaints.

What will it cost to become a SASC Authorised CPD Provider?

  • Your registration period as a SASC authorised provider lasts for three years and the fee includes the cost of listing the first course on the website.
  • For an organisation offering face-to-face delivery the cost is £500 for three years.
  • For organisations offering distance or blended learning the cost is £800 for three years.
  • If your organisation is already registered as a provider of training leading to an SpLD Assessment Practising Certificate [APC], with SASC, or the BDA [e.g. SASC approved courses or courses approved for AMBDA] then as a pre-authorised provider the fee is £200 for three years.
  • At the end of the initial registration period the cost of renewal for all organisations is £200 for a further period of three years.
  • Once your organisation is registered as a SASC authorised CPD provider then the cost of listing additional courses is as follows:

    • Face to face £50 per event
    • Distance or blended learning £200 per course, valid for 12 months.

    Making an application for SASC Authorisation

    CPD providers wishing to apply for SASC authorisation can do so using the on-line application process via this website. To do this you should:

    • Consult the “SASC guidelines for authorisation as a CPD provider” to check that your organisation and courses meet the standards required for authorisation. 
    • Look at the “Using SASC On-line CPD Provider Registration” page for a step by step guide on how to use the application process.
    • Click on the “login” link at the top of this page to begin the application process. NOTE: If you are already authorised by SASC or the BDA contact SASC to register your interest and access the reduced rate: training@sasc.org.uk

    Further information

    If you or your organisation needs further information or advice on becoming an authorised CPD provider please click on the links to the right of this page or contact SASC at: training@sasc.org.uk SASC
    PO Box 10
    Worcs. WR11 1ZW

    [1] A "course’ is a training session that is relevant to the work of an SpLD assessor, authorised for CPD, and lasts for one hour or longer."