Standardised Test: Principles, Interpretation and Action for the Beery VMI - June 2023 to June 2024

Standardised Test: Principles, Interpretation and Action for the Beery VMI - June 2023 to June 2024


  • Date(s)
    21 Jun 2023 - 21 Jun 2024
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  • Course summary

    The Beery VMI is the one of the few assessment tools on the market to assess for effective visual and motor co-ordination

  • CPD credit hours
    1 hour
  • Course themes
    Reviewing principles of psychometrics, statistics, assessment and underlying theory, SpLD testing methods, interpretation, report writing, feedback and test materials
  • Audience
    Assessors, Support, Assessment centres, Training institutions
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Effective visual and motor co-ordination are vital for successful mastery of learning, especially in terms of literacy development. This course offers a unique opportunity to use the Beery VMI as an assessment tool to identity and support students with visual-motor difficulties

This webinar will provide an opportunity to understand the nature of assessment with regards visual/motor difficulties as related to learners with specific learning difficulties.  It combines both theory and practice to enhance the knowledge of the participants and improves their existing practice. Delegates will review the principles of standardised assessment and the selection of valid, reliable and up-to-date test materials to meet learners' individual needs. There will be an opportunity to consider best practice in reporting outcomes, keeping records and processing information within the participants learning environment.

The webinar presents the theoretical and research basis of the Beery VMI describing the administration, scoring and interpretation of the test results, within the context of the importance of how the individual integrates their visual and motor abilities. Effective integration of these abilities are the foundation of successful literacy development.  The course will demonstrate how intervention strategies can be developed for students identified with difficulties with integrating of their visual and motor abilities,and/or their visual difficulties and/or their motor difficulties using the Beery VMI.

Learning outcomes

  • Theoretical and research background and basis of the Beery VMI
  • Administering and scoring the tests
  • Interpretation of the test results
  • Using the Beery VMI to plan for effective support for children with visual-motor, visual perception and motor coordination difficulties.

Course prerequisites

  • Delegates are asked, where possible, to have a Beery VMI to refer to during the webinar. Delegates may also wish to bring case studies Beery VMI.
  • Specialist teachers/assessors already qualified in the use of the materials, delegates are expected to be practising assessors, or specialist teachers who are planning to use the Beery VMI.