Conference Archive Papers 2019 - 2021

Papers from our previous annual conferences.

Conference Archive Papers 2019 - 2021
Conference Papers 2021

Asherson, The assessment and identification of the characteristics of ADHD. June 2021

Duncan, Equity or Advantage? The effect of receiving access arrangements in university exams on students with SpLD. June 2021

Holden & Morrison,
Assessment via remote video platform: challenges & possibilities. June 2021

James & Wones, Neurodiversity and Mental Health. June 2021

The Assessment and Identification of the Characteristics of an ADHD Disorder
SASC Guidance, June 2021

Wechsler Individual Achievement Test 3rd Ed. UK (WIAT-III UK)
SASC Guidance Updated. June 2021


Conference Papers 2020

Online seminars were held during June 2020 on the following topics:

Comparison of Tests of Sense of Number SASC June 2020

Evaluations of Need by Remote Video Platform SASC June 2020

Kirby, Barnett & Hill, Assessing for DCD/ Dyspraxia June 2020

Simpson, Pre and Post 16 Test Lists Presentation STEC June 2020

Simpson, Tests for the Assessment of Mathematics and Dyscalculia STEC June 2020

Simpson, Holden & Warren, Reading & writing speeds & SpLD assessment June 2020

Warren, Assessing reading and writing speeds – what is ‘average’? June 2020


Conference Papers 2019

Papers from the 5th SASC Annual Conference 2019 Developing Practice.

New Report Formats

Dyscalculia New Guidance June 2019

Visual Difficulties 2019

SpLDs and Visual Difficulties Presentation June 2019
Visual Difficulties Screening Protocol V2 2019
Visual Difficulties Screening Protocol V2 Notes 2019
Visual Difficulties Screening Protocol_Appendix 2 2019

Visual Difficulties 2018

SpLDs and Visual Difficulties: A Guide for Assessors and SpLD Practitioners_June 2018
Visual Difficulties and SpLDs: a new look June 2018
Visual Difficulties: SASC Response to Questions June 2018
Gilchrist, Behavioural Optometrists_Sept 2018


Kirby, DCD/Dyspraxia_Screening June 2018
Kirby, Barnett & Hill, Diagnostic Interview for DCD in Adults (DIDA) June 2018