The SASC Test Evaluation Committee (STEC)

The SASC Test Evaluation Committee (STEC)

The SASC Test Evaluation Committee (STEC) is a key sub-committee which reviews and pilots tests, produces guidance on the standardisation, reliability, validity, advantages and disadvantages of those tests, and consults with publishers, academics and practitioners.

STEC Committee

STEC Chair: Rachel Simpson BA Hons, Cert Ed (Post-16), MA (SpLD), APC
Vice Chair:  Julia Kender MA (SpLD), BA Hons, QTS, APC


  • Kate Blundell MSc, MA (SpLD), BSc Hons, PGCE, MBPsS, FHEA, FSET, FDG, PPM, AMBDA, AMBDA FE/HE, APC
  • Armande Fryatt BEd, MA DipCounsel, DipSpld, APC, NPQSL, PPM, Fellow of the Dyslexia Guild (FDG), APC
  • Janet Kruger BSc, Grad Cert Ed, RSA Dip SpLD, APC 
  • Jess Simmonite BA Hons, PG Cert SpLD (Dyslexia), MA Education (Dyslexia), APC
  • Dr Caro Strover, HCPC Registered Educational Psychologist
  • Louise van der Valk BA Hons, PGCE, PG Dip (Dyslexia & Literacy), Fellow of the Dyslexia Guild (FDG), APC
  • Dr Jane Yeomans HCPC Registered Educational Psychologist

STEC aims to:

  • Review new and updated assessment tests when relevant.
  • Write and publish guidance on tests that have been added to the pre-16 and post-16 lists.
  • Update the test lists annually for publication in June prior to the SASC AGM.
  • Promote quality and consistency in assessment across all age groups.
  • Ensure that use and selection of tests is evidence based and follows best practice.
  • Continue working with SASC on updating guidance on aspects of selecting and using tests within diagnostic assessments.
  • Engage with the publishers and distributors of assessment materials.
  • Report to SASC on a regular basis, including an annual written report which is submitted to the SASC AGM.

 The STEC Annual Report is included in full in the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting for SASC.

STEC Terms of Reference

The terms of reference for the committee.

STEC Annual Report

Annual report for the SASC Test Evaluation Committee.